You'll Receive 10% Commission on all Product Sales
Made through your Affiliate Link.

How does our affiliate program work?

Each partner will have a unique link which will let us track all contributions driven by your page/blog/website/social media.

Check example below:

reft - tells indiegogo that it’s a referral link.
14522140 - our account ID
partner1 - unique referral code for every partner

For those who cares how url looks

We can short your URL with tinyurl service…

How Can you See the Results of your Efforts

We can view all of your referral data by logging into Indiegogo at the Dashboard.

Any referrals that are linked to our custom referral URLs will be shown that URL’s code in parenthesis next to the name of the buyer.

That statistic updated every 2 hours… So you can ask us to provide the screenshot from the dashboard.

After reaching the goal, Indiegogo will hold money for two weeks,
once we receive the payment (approximately 5th of September)
we will be making payouts to our partners.

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